AGNAT IndustrieService GmbH was founded in 2000 and is located in Niederkrüchten, North Rhine Westphalia. Based on many years of experience in the trade of cogenerated products and by-products thanks to the professional backgrounds of its employees, AGNAT can also boast vast experience in the supply and disposal of industrial production plants.

The company’s trading business – be it the trade in raw materials or the trade in by-products from the chemical sector – has an international orientation, focused on specially selected products of which AGNAT has the required experience and for which the company can provide interesting economic solutions of impeccable standard also from the point of view of licensing.

The objective of the activities is to provide customers with a comprehensive service that takes account of their individual needs and is satisfactory in every respect. Utilizing the by-products and cogenerated products generated in their clients’ production in a way that is economically sensible and environmentally sound is the primary objective of AGNAT.

Solutions for the following product groups are developed in these business areas:

• Energy sources & heavy oil components
• Crude Oil Components
• Fertilizers & Acids
• Denitrification & Waste Disposal

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Energy sources & heavy oil components

We deal with a large number of different groups of substances that can be used to generate energy.

Crude oil components

Engines for the production of electrical energy or for locomotion all have one thing in common: They need fuel.

Fertilizers & Acids

We supply production plants and the agricultural trade with the products required for the production of fertilizers.

Denitrification & Waste Disposal

We have several years of experience in the field of flue gas cleaning, treatment and disposal.